5 Sign You Need New Office Space


Five Signs You Need New Office Space

Need new office space but not sure how to get started? Finding the right location and size of a new space can be difficult. Working with a qualified commercial real estate broker is important so that you can fulfill your real estate needs. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to consider looking for new office space.

1. Are you struggling to attract talent?

Does your office building lack the modern technology the competitive employment pool is looking for? Is your office not located close to amenities desired by your workforce? (i.e.: dining, shopping, exercise and recreation). Are you easily accessible to major traffic thoroughfares and public transportation?


2. Is there a lack of privacy in your office?

Is there no location for a personal phone call? Is there no access to private meeting space? Are you forced to overhear every aspect of your coworker’s daily routine?


3. Is there no room for growth?

Would you expand your business if you had the extra space? Are your employees sharing desks or cubicles? Do you need to hire new talent but don’t have room for another desk? Are you storing valuable reference material offsite?


4. Are you paying too much for your space?

Are you paying for visibility and signage that your business doesn’t need? Is your space crowded, disorganized or in desperate need of repairs? Are you paying for unnecessary high end amenities which are a financial burden to the sustainability of your business?


5. Is your commute sending your stress level into overdrive?

Are you spending more time stuck in traffic than you do meeting with clients? Do you wish you could bike or walk to work? Does your current office space have enough parking for your staff?

So you do need to move… how do you get started?

Work with a qualified commercial real estate broker who will…
• Take the time to fully understand your needs and timelines
• Conduct a full market analysis and present multiple options
• Analyze the economics of a new location
• Help you negotiate the best deal possible
• Contact Pillar Real Estate Advisors and get started moving toward your perfect new location!