How to Work with Commercial
Real Estate Firms

How to Work with Commercial Real Estate Firms

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Fact: Wading through the process of leasing, selling, or buying commercial real estate can be complex and overwhelming. That is why some opt to enlist commercial real estate brokerage services, who have strategic and experienced agents within their ranks who can help.
One role of commercial real estate firms is to assist you with analyzed information that you can base your decisions on and circumvent common pitfalls. The reason being they have firsthand information to help analyze and determine which commercial real estate properties are suitable for your needs. They also have the essential tools required to provide you with all the financial information you need to help make informed decisions.
Firms like Pillar Real Estate Advisors of Chester County PA are specifical geared to working with commercial real estate properties and clientele. A brief conversation with a qualified commercial real estate specialist will allow you the comfort of knowing the value this specific discipline brings to the service you will receive.

Steps for Working with Commercial Real Estate Firms

1. Prepare Some Guidelines

Before you begin contacting commercial real estate brokers, you need to contemplate the kind of property you require. For instance, are you searching for industrial, flex, or office space? How much are you willing to spend on purchasing or leasing a property? What kind of locations would you prefer for your business? What are your must-haves, image, or visibility, or both?

The better prepared that you are, the faster the commercial real estate firm will deliver.

2. Do Your Research

As you shop around for a commercial real estate firm, you should narrow down your search to firms specializing in the kind of commercial properties that meet your needs.  For instance, if your search is for a retail storefront, search for commercial real estate firms whose services specialize in retail properties.  If, on the other hand, you are looking for office space, then you should look for a firm in West Chester, PA., that is knowledgeable in office real estate.

You can ask a representative from the real estate firm for a portfolio of some of their past transactions and for references that you can contact.

3. Define Your Preferences

Once you have decided on the commercial real estate firm to work with, one of the first things you should do is to let them know your specific needs. With the prior preparation you did, it should be simple for you to provide them with the following information:

  • The type of properties you are interested in
  • Your price ranges
  • Your preferred location
  • The characteristics of the commercial real estate

4. Give Feedback to The Commercial Real Estate Broker

When the commercial real estate broker provides you with the information concerning various properties for you to consider, analyze these deals, and then give them your opinion. Your opinion helps the commercial real estate broker narrow down the list of properties you might have to view.

5. Avoid Exclusive Representation Agreements

It is advisable to avoid as much as possible signing exclusive representation agreements with unreputable commercial real estate firms. These kinds of contracts lock you in with a commercial real estate firm for some time.  Take your time to search out reputable firms.

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