Is your competition getting the team back together and should you be worried?

Is Your Competition Getting the Team Back Together and Should You be Worried?


Benefits of Bringing Work Back to the Office

At first glance, the work-from-home environment may seem perfectly fine. Everyone’s getting their jobs done, right? What can be the harm? Believe it or not, avoiding the office may have a detrimental impact on the innovation that takes place within your company, and that can leave you trailing behind your competition.

In fact, there are several reasons to consider bringing your team back into the office. Find the details on them below.

Spontaneous Collaboration

When we work in offices with people surrounding us, we tend to have conversations here and there throughout the day. That creates an environment that fosters spontaneous collaboration.

Have you ever been in a conversation with a colleague and said something like, “Oh yeah, that reminds me, let’s try to do it this way.” This type of spontaneous collaboration can lead to better marketing methods, sales methods, and processes across your entire organization.

However, spontaneous collaboration doesn’t happen when teams aren’t in the same space together.

United Goal Creation

In a work-from-home environment, every member of your team has their own goals to work on from day to day. If everyone meets their goals, they combine to meet overall corporate goals. This may limit your productivity.

When we work in the same office, we tend to work on a united front in terms of goal creation. As a result, the entire team works together to reach the same goal, creating a force to be reckoned with and improving the chances of meeting your goals.

Team Mentality, Comradery, and Trust

People who are close to each other physically on a regular basis become emotionally close. When you can joke, laugh, and sometimes cry with other members of your team, comradery is born. This results in team loyalty and a vested interest in overall team success.

Separation of Work and Home Life

Working from home blurs the lines between work and home life. You may find it challenging to be productive when you should be working as a result of distractions at home. In other cases, you may find it difficult to relax because work is all around you.

Bringing the team to the office is a quick solution to this problem.

Quick Decisions

When your team works from home, you may need to make several phone calls, send multiple emails, and schedule meetings to make important decisions. However, when everyone’s in the office, your team is equipped with everything and everyone it needs to make decisions on the fly.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to bring your team back into the office. Consider incentivizing them to take part in office activities by providing modern amenities like a gym, daycare, or wellness center. No matter how you do it, bringing your team back into the office may bring your business to the next level.

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