Where Can I Find Commercial Real Estate Listings in My Town?

Where Can I Find Commercial Real Estate Listings in My Town?

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Investors, individuals and commercial real estate brokers rely on finding reliable commercial listings to meet their requirements or their clients' requirements. A good commercial real estate listings platform must constantly evolve as the market is versatile and is on the move. Today a commercial building listed as “available” could be sold or leased by the next day.

It is frustrating to visit a commercial property listed as “available”, only to find it occupied. You've wasted time and money visiting the property when you could have spent it on finding other commercial properties suitable to your needs. Therefore, where can you find commercial real estate listings? Thankfully this is not complex but can be a tedious process.

Below are four key areas we’ll discuss:

  • How to work with commercial real estate brokers
  • Networking with your associates
  • Exploring every prospect
  • Searching online for commercial real estate

Why Work with Commercial Real Estate Brokers?

Hiring a commercial real estate broker makes your search for commercial real estate much quicker and easier. A commercial real estate broker will help you to identify different commercial real estate suitable for your needs. They have property listing databases and can network with leasing agents, other commercial real estate brokers, and commercial property owners for available commercial real estate.

How Can You Network?

We can't overemphasize the need to network with others. Several business owners and investors searching for commercial real estate get information from their circle of friends, staff members, commercial property owners, business partners, and tenants. Your network could direct you to the commercial property listings they utilized to find property space for their own or friends’ businesses. Therefore, ask around, let others know you are searching for commercial real estate. If you don't ask, you'll never know what is available out there.

How to Explore Every Prospect You Hear?

Investigate every prospect shared with you through your network. Or you could do a drive-by search for a vacant commercial property in a potential location and identify the vacant property. Is it suitable for your business needs? Well, you will never know if you don't investigate the commercial property. Properties that have vacant signboards typically have the owners contact number (or the leasing agents).

These leasing agents have their databases of commercial property listings and will be of assistance to you. Contact them, let them walk you through the commercial property, pose questions to them and listen carefully to what they say about the commercial property.

Search Online for Commercial Property Listings

In this day and age of advanced digital technology, almost all commercial property brokers have online websites with commercial real estate listings, including photos of property types and details. Conduct your online search, identify several commercial real estate listings, and contact the leasing brokers.

It is important to note that, most often, it is the Landlord or Seller that pays the brokerage fee for a Commercial Real Estate Agent that represents you. While it is tempting to “do it yourself” the reality is that you could engage a professional to work on your behalf and pay nothing for the service. Be cautious if you do contact a listing agent on your own. Just that contact could negate the ability to have the Landlord / Seller pay your agent's fee unless you tell the listing agent upfront that you are represented. Your best bet is to send any listing you find of interest to your agent and have them make the contact on your behalf.

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